The Dingus Social Medias

The Hellsite Archives

I don't really use most of them but these are all mine and have their purposes. This page is basically a replacement for a linktree or carrd. Because this is cooler.

In the meantime, here are said links:

  • Newgrounds
  • This is where I primarily upload my real artwork. I am getting an education in 3D animation so that will likely be here in the future as well. Some of my games are here too.

  • This is where I host my games. Most of them are either unfinished or not that good but I enjoy making them. Play Purgatorio Prelude that one is alright (even if it's mostly just a flip of a Shawn Spaulding tutorial series).

  • Tumblr
  • This is my Tumblr page. I primarily lurk here for now, but it is currently (and likely will be, for the forseeable future) my main social media platform.

  • Bluesky
  • This is my brand new Bluesky. I managed to get an invite from a generous soul and I had really good first impressions, especially after finding most of my favorite artists on it, and some accounts I hadn't seen since I last used Twitter. This might end up being a primary social media for me, I quite like it.

  • Cohost
  • This is my Cohost I barely use. I want to use it more but currently don't feel much desire to since most of the people I like following don't really use it and/or don't even have an account on it. Maybe this will change in the future, I quite like their vision.

  • The X Formerly Known as Twitter, The Hellsite
  • This is my Twitter (X, if you're a freak) account that I now use about as much or less than my Cohost. I hate this damn app now due to how unusable it's become, and already started hating it even before Elon, but I still pop in from time to time to check in on the hangers-on there that I like. Was Once Upon a Time my primary social media that I actually posted to, but that time has long passed. I got my art retweeted by Suda51 once so that was cool.

  • An Instagram I guess
  • This is an Instagram account I have that I have not used at all and probably never will, but it's here anyways.

  • Threads......?
  • This is the Threads account I have, same deal as the Instagram. I'm convinced this platform isn't real, but the provided link supposedly proves otherwise.